Project launching event about building capacity for communities in Mekong Delta

Tra Vinh, 29/12/2016 – Today, Project “Building disaster resilient for communities in Mekong Delta” has officially been launched. This project is sponsored by Bread for the World and Aid for social protection program Foundation Vietnam (AFV), implemented by ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) and local partners within two years (from 2016 to 2018), with the aim to enhance local communities’ capacity in disaster resilience and climate change adaptation.

Vietnam is one of the five countries that are the most seriously affected by disasters and climate change. In addition to common disasters such as storms, droughts and floods, sea level rise is a big challenge that Vietnam has to face with. According to researches, when the sea level rises by 1 metre, at least 23% of Mekong Delta area will be deepened under water, which means at least 30 million of people in Mekong Delta will lose their land, houses, livelihood, culture and become refugee in their homeland.

Located in the risky region, Tra Vinh and Soc Trang provinces share floodplain and coastal geography which makes them susceptible to the impacts of sea level rise; as a result, the two provinces repeatedly experience salinity intrusion. Hence, the Project “Building disaster resilient communities in Mekong Delta”, implemented in 6 communes of Tra Vinh City (Tra Vinh province) and Ke Sach district (Soc Trang province), is an essential support, helping vulnerable communities enhance their capacity in disaster risk resilience.

In addition to capacity building, the outstanding characteristic of this project is helping the communities apply smartphone technology and construct data centers at different levels into disaster risk mitigation, so as to beef up the communities’ adaptation and activeness in climate change resilience. Within 2 years, the project is expected to support 200,000 people who are the most vulnerable people affected by climate change, including ethnic minority women, land-losing people and refugees.
ActionAid Vietnam (AAV) is a non-governmental organization which is a member of ActionAid International (AAI), starting to work on development programs in the most remote areas in Vietnam since 1989. At the present, AAV is working in more than 20 provinces in Vietnam. The organization’s activities focus on enhancing awareness, knowledge and capacity for the poor and disadvantaged, gather the shared voice from the community to mobilize for ensuring their rights and supporting policy for people living in poverty, as well as demand the responsibility from the government and other stakeholders in deciding and implementing programs that have direct impacts to the citizens’ lives. This project wil contribute to the AAV’s 2012-2017 national strategy, with supporting the communities in disaster and climate change resilience as one of the organization’s priorities.

Thursday, 12/29/2016 | 11:19 Asia/Bangkok

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12/29/2016 - 12/29/2016

Tra Vinh