Funding Activities

AFV welcomes contributions and supports from organizations, corporates, individuals or communities who concern about less fortunate and vulnerable people to advancement of people's rights to development and dignity. Thanks to your support and dedication, thousands of children living in poverty can experience a peaceful childhood and gain access to quality education to change their lives.

When we help each other, the world is a brighter, happier place!



“Small bricks- Big changes” programme has been officially implemented since 2012. It aims at proving the study conditions for rural and disadvantaged children. Each donation is a small brick, contributing to big changes in the local community, schools, as especially in Vietnamese children’s future

• Each funding support will be taken as a brick to build the kitchen/ school/ library/ fence of the school, playing grounds for the children. One brick will have the size of 15×8cm, at the support of VND 2,000,000 (or $100 or £75).

• With any contribution equivalent to VND 20,000,000, the donor has provided enough for 4 child in primary school to have meals with meat in the whole school year

• With any contribution equivalent to VND 30,000,000, the donor has bought 10 sets of desks and chairs for children.

• With any contribution equivalent to VND 40,000,000, the donor has made available enough text books and learning equipments for 40 children in a class in a primary school.


Nowadays, the modern education methods have been applied by parents to ensure bright future for children since their early ages. Children have chance to learn much knowledge and life skills and use computers quite early.

However, there has been an extremely important and humane aspect being put not much attention that is to build a broader perspective of life which help children to realize and understand the difficulties that the poor children and communities surrounding have to face. Since then, they may feel luckily about having a peaceful and happy life. Children will be grateful to parents and families, and will put more efforts in learning and personal life. They will actively build their own humane sense and towards the good values.

We wish all children across the country, regardless of wealth, can be friends of each other’s, accompany, grow up together and share so that they can understand thoroughly the true value of life.

The objective of “Fundraising through school program” is to support students from difficult areas where AFV is working by connecting those schools with others in all over the country.



You want to grow trees to protect the environment but you do not have enough facilities? Let us help. Additionally, growing trees also helps to bring stable means of living for hundreds of poor women in the most difficult areas of the country.

Green trees are widely known as a lung to provide oxygen for our lives. They provide shades, help to condition the air, improve the landscape. Green trees contribute to protect people against natural disasters and climate change such as drought, flood, land erosion, … In many places, green trees are also a stable and sustainable means of living for the community.

Green trees are absorbing carbon exhaust gas at an alert level from factories, plants, means of transport, which are the direct consequences of the industrialized and modernized process, Averagely, a 30-meter green tree can absorb about 22.7 Kg CO2 in one year, which is equivalent to the average exhaust gas of a car running 41.5 km. Each green tree can produce 2,721 Kg oxygen each year, this amount is expected to ensure the need of at least 02 people.



When it comes to buying presents, why not consider giving some school books or climate-resilient chickens and help change the lives of women and girls living in extreme poverty? Visiting AFV’s Gift Shop, you will find amazing gifts full of goodwill. These gifts will contribute to the positive changes in the lives of many disadvantaged children and communities all over Vietnam. All of our gifts represent long-term projects, where we're working closely with commununities to transform their lives. 

Our gift list will be updated frequently. Depending on the amount you would like to donate, you can choose one of these wonderful gifts for the impoverished children and communities in Vietnam.

For VND 100,000, you can give 1 set of textbooks and notebooks to 1 child this new school year.
For VND 200,000, you can give 1 egg-laying hen to bring quality meals to the children of a family living in poverty.
For VND 500,000, you can give 1 cozy blanket for 4 students at a boarding school in the far mountainous regions. Thanks to your support, this winter, they will be embraced by the warmth of loving spirit.
For VND 1,500,000, you can bring 1 new set of bench and desk to replace the broken one for 2 young students in disadvantaged areas.
For VND 5,000,000, you can help 1 primary student to get nutritious lunches at school for the whole school year.
VND 20,000,000 is what we need for a sanitation and clean water project at a rural school. Your gift will improve students’, especially girls’ hygiene and well-being as they have separate, private and clean toilets.