How a Competitive Spirit Can Lead to Trading Success with Akil Stokes

Anyone with this much time in markets is sure to bring tons of value! We talk about athletics, winning in life, and how losing traders trap themselves in a cycle of self-destructive behavior. Akil Stokes is a professional trader and forex trading mentor. Forbes magazine cited him as one of the promising innovators in trading education some days ago. Although he sold many courses, he recently launched a programme named tier one trading.

He has experience trading and investing in stocks but his expertise lies in forex trading. The podcast is full of incredibly valuable insights into the business of trading and what it takes to be successful in the markets. Stay informed and receive valuable insights as our professional traders walk you through their analysis of the markets on a weekly basis. Akil is a full-time forex trader and trading coach who mentors new and struggling retail traders along the path to success in the markets.

We’ll even explore some lesser-known chart types like range bars, which can be especially effective for day trading strategies. At TierOneTrading we’ve developed an incredible state-of-the-art content delivery platform that combines the absolute best in trading education, professional coaching, expert analysis, proprietary trading tools, and global networking. Our membership program is all-inclusive and unrestricted, that means there’s no sneaky sales funnels and no intrusive up-sells. Akil Stokes & Jason Graystone – TierOneTrading – Trading Edge is digital course.

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Paper money and non-physical money) greatly simplified and promoted trade. This website used third party embeds to display video content and to help users interact with social media platforms and other website functionality. Listen Score is a metric that shows the estimated popularity of this podcast compared to other rss-based public podcasts in the world on a scale from 0 to 100.

And the best part is, everyone on the platform shares the same passion, and is grounded with the same quality education as you. We hear it from our clients all the time, “trading is a lonely business.” And the truth is, most traders don’t know anyone else involved in this business. Unfortunately, this often results in traders seeking out community in all the wrong places. Every trader has to start out somewhere and The Cornerstone Course will set you on the right path from the very beginning. In this course you’ll the learn basic concepts of Forex trading and you’ll develop a solid foundation that can sustain years of future success. Had this on my watchlist this morning but forgot to share, but here we have a completed bearish gartley on the S&P.

We’ve been calling for continued longs here on the USDJPY pretty much all summer given the confluences on both the technical & fundamental side of things. Our recent pullback trade is working pretty nicely & since we just put in a new structure high this week, I wanted to revisit the trade as it setups up for fresh… He’s also one of the Co-founders of Tier One Trading which was mentioned in Forbes Magazine as being one of the leading innovators in Trading Education.

Join our trading coaches every Monday for a powerful session of training and education. Advanced pattern recognition is a skill set that can take months, even years, to fully master. But now, with the Enigma software, you can trade advanced patterns just like the pros, from day one! Enigma employs sophisticated artificial intelligence to identify advanced pattern formations long before they complete, ensuring you stay one step ahead of the market. The customizable settings allow you to control stop placement and utilize various target techniques, and with the click of a button, Enigma will also identify historical patterns, making backtesting a breeze.

What’s different about this opportunity is that to end the week we’ve put in an inside bar which represents…

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He also occasionally gives his opinions on the market which are always valuable and the reason why I added this to the list despite it not being an overtly trading-related podcast. In this podcast Jason specifically focuses on giving advice and tips regarding the world of business and wealth accumulation. It’s basically the same as Wealth, Power & Influence but without any of the political focus. Before I committed to becoming a full-time trader I read the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwagger.

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Her eon the US Dollar Index I’m looking at the formation of a potential ascending triangle pattern. This is my favorite breakout pattern (with the high/low & tight flag comin in second) to trade because of the nature of how it forms & the opportunities that it often offers to get in aggressively with low risk. The material covered and the resources offered are for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only execute trades based on your own personal judgement.

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It introduced me to the core concepts behind successful trading, all of which excited me. There aren’t many trading podcasts around , but I have happened across a few trading podcast sources that I listen to regularly and have found a lot of value from as a forex trader. Akil Stokes is a professional Forex Trader, former money manager & Trading Coach. He’s also one of the Co-founders of Tier One Trading which was mentioned in Forbes Magazine as being one of Akil_Stokes Hey traders, First and foremost I want to wish you a great week of trading! I wanted to briefly follow up on my previous EURUSD post & show you that we also have a potential head & shoulders top forming as well for those who did not catch the initial downward move. This niche course you’ll learn how to develop a portfolio that is suitable for this fast paced style of trading, and we’ll teach you how to analyze intraday charts to lock in on the trend.

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You can’t get enough of the best trading books, the best trading tools, the best trading interviews and documentaries and the best trading educators. After payment, the download link will automatically be sent to your email. You can spend countless hours searching the internet for information on indicators and oscillators, you can follow the chat forums and try every “New Super-Secret Awesome System” out there, but these things do not lead to success. When you make a decision to invest in your future and truly learn the skill of trading the rewards from your efforts can be limitless. Improve the presence of your podcasts, e.g., self-servicepodcaster interview…

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The best thing about Jason is not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk too. He strives to embody all of the values he advocates for in this podcast. In this podcast Jason sheds light on the specific strategies and systems he used in order to claw his way out of a typical middle-class td ameritrade forex review rut and become truly free and financially independent through multiple means – including trading. Akil uses YouTube as the outlet for his charting lessons and trading tips, but on his podcast he prefers to focus on the background elements of success not just in trading, but in life in general.

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Plus, if you still aren’t convinced, Jason happens to be short term forex trading strategies that work’ trading mentor and taught Akil much of what he knows. Akil began his career as a trading coach at Trade Empowered, which was Jason Stapleton’s forex trading education company that he founded soon after the 2008 financial crisis and saw massive success. Instead of just reading about the experiences and exploits of famous and significantly successful traders, now we get to listen to the interviews directly with all the emotional and personal nuance. Log in to our London session and New York session live trading rooms for the opportunity to interact with professional traders up to 6 hours each day. Reading first-hand accounts from successful traders had a huge effect on me.

What made Akil Stokes successful is without any doubts his competitive spirit. Having been involved in sports, he knows that hard work, and not giving up ultimately lead to success. Akil Stokes, a hard working Forex trader shares the key to his success in trading. Here on the EURAUD we have a potential bullish cypher pattern setting up. What makes this particular pattern interesting is the fact that it forms within a very nice bullish rejection zone from the daily chart. When it comes to advanced patterns, I don’t need higher timeframe confirmation to tell if it’s a valid signal or not, but if we happen to have some then it…

He is also firmly in favor of manually backtesting trading techniques before putting them to use on the market and vehemently opposes the use of an excessive number of indicators. If you like Chat With Traders (which you do – because if you don’t then you wouldn’t be a trader) – then you’re going to love A Trader’s Life too. It’s a relatively degiro isa new podcast hosted by Nicholas Penrake, a trader from the U.K. Trading is not just about your ability to identify opportunities and execute on them consistently. The ultimate goal is developing your financial and personal freedom and maturity, which requires the cultivation of discipline and adaptable skills across all areas of your life.