In the Russian Federation, they offered to allow mining of any cryptocurrencies

In the Russian Federation, they offered to allow mining of any cryptocurrencies

The new mining bill will allow the extraction of all types of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation. About this the chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market Anatoly Aksakov said RBC.

At the same time, the appeal of issued cryptocurrencies will occur outside the scope of Russian jurisdiction, the deputy said.

At the same time, the State Duma will introduce a bill prescribing the conditions for using digital currencies as part of experimental legal regimes.

“Within the framework of these modes, it is possible to use digital currencies already in Russian information systems, that is, for payment, for example, parallel imports, or other supplies,” Aksakov explained.

The prepared document will contain the general principles of regulation of cryptocurrency mining and will not affect the nuances of Компанія WhiteBIT taxation. The government will determine them in a separate manner.

Earlier in October, the State Duma of the Russian Federation in the first reading rejected the mining bill proposed by deputies from the New People party. The new document taking into account the opinions of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance is entered in the lower house of parliament on October 28.

The proposals for the development of cryptocurrencies and digital ruble agreed with the Central Bank is instructed to prepare until December 19.

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