You can accompany AFV in the battle against poverty in many ways:

In addition to participating in AFV’s  Child Sponsorship program, you can make financial contributions to implement poverty reduction initiatives; providing expertise on issues related to education rights, human rights, improving educational institutions, building capacity for teachers and children to design a child-centered education system ; contribute efforts to the implementation of construction works; share information about our programs to your family, friends, relatives and people you believe will support our work; making film, write or documentalize  our programs and the impact we bring to the lives of children and the community.


At AFV, we believe that the potentials within us can be connected to form a great viral. We cannot build strong communities or get together to fight for a better future for disadvantaged communities and children, if each of us chooses to stay silent and ignore the truth. It’s time for you to reach out and join hands with us!

Understanding and welcoming different ways of contribute to the communities, we expand our scope of work to its maximum in order to unite people in solidarity and create an astonishing strength. Please find below some of our key activities that we hope you will be able to join with us:


  • Safe cities – The city I love
  • Tax Justice


Please click HERE to see AFV’s list of events

For further information, please kindly contact AFV via our Email at; Hotline: 18006677 or 18001683


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; the most marvelous building starts with a nameless brick. We at AFV believe that each of us can become a critical part of a positive and sustainable movement. Let’s become a volunteer at AFV to help bring the best to the disadvantaged children and communities.

Please find below some outstanding activities that we would love to have your participation:

  • Volunteer at the communities: This program can last for 1 week or longer. You can help teach English class or organize extra-curriculum activities for underprivileged children at the community, take part in building and upgrading classrooms for students or work along locals on rice fields, tea and coffee plantations. Let’s become an AFV volunteer to better understand the hardships the poor has to face and learn to appreciate the value of the life we ​​have!
  • Volunteers at AFV’s events: We host many events and activities at different locations. We hope you can join us at these special occasions (fundraising events, outdoor activities,…)

Whenever an adequate kitchen or a quality toilet is built; whenever a class is open in the overwhelming joy and happy laughs of less fortunate children, whenever a fundraising event is organized successfully and more contribution from generous supporters are fruitfully gained, we can feel the sharing spirit grown and unfolded. If you get to see these achievements, you will understand the true values of the volunteering you have been involved.


Please kindly contact AFV for further guidance via our Email at; Hotline: 18006677 or 033 479 6557


Becoming AFV’s ambassador is the best you can do to help us achieve the goal of eliminating poverty and injustice, bringing hope and a better future for impoverished children and communities all over Vietnam.

As a valued member of the Ambassador Network, please use your voice to make connection with people who share the same values with you and help them become an admirable supporter like you. Inspire your family and your friends today to join hands with AFV and keep the sharing fire burning!

Let’s join by contact AFV via our:

Email at

Hotline: 18006677 or 18001683


If you are an expert in one of our programme priorities, we would like to invite you to share with us your great knowledge. We believe that capacity building for individuals and the whole community is the key for all poverty-related issues.

When you provide AFV with your technical support, you are not only contributing to the marginalized and vulnerable people, but you also obtain an opportunity to learn from the reality of the deprived communities we are working with.

Let’s support AFV and our communities with professional inputs and skills to all issues related to rights to education, human rights, women’s rights, education and school management, building capacity for teachers and children to facilitate child-centered education. Please share with us your tips when you succeed in organizing a fundraising campaign, building a development programme for impoverished people, or implementing a sustainable and effective livelihood model for your community

Let’s join by contact AFV via our Email at; Hotline: 18006677 or 18001683


We have some suggestions for your communications support:

  • Acquire first-hand experience and make films, reports about the programme in AFV’s working areas: You will be a heartfelt and inspiring story teller! There are many tales about people’s hardship and stories of change that needed to be shared to call for more contribution. Let’s spread the message through your articles and photos and let the world know about our programme
  • Post articles on AFV’s activities in the media: Good articles need to be shared so that many people know, especially in the era of social media development as today. You are an AFV ambassador in the media, take advantage of the power of your relationships and influence to call for community accompaniment in poverty reduction activities with AFV.
  • Provide inputs for AFV’s activities: Share with us your inputs and ideas about our programmes, projects and campaigns. Your opinion is an integral part of our honorable mission in Vietnam.
  • Simpler – share stories about our programmes with your friends, family and colleagues: You can use your phone, social network, email, chat room or any media that suits you to connect with people who share our values. With a simple text message or a small click on your computer, you can bring forth the meaningful messages and voices of disadvantaged children and communities to more people for their support.

For further information, please kindly contact AFV via our Email at; Hotline: 18006677 or 18001683


If you believe that joining hands with AFV is a heartening and inspiring action, please share your experience with people around you to help them become such a wonderful Sponsor like you.

If you believe that someone among your family, friends, colleagues or partners… have the same interest in benevolence and is willing to support underprivileged children and communities like you do, please help us:

Share the information about AFV’s fundraising programme to them

Share their information with AFV so we can connect with them, using the table below:

I wish to introduce my friends to the programme of AFV – please send them information about the programme that they are interested in.


You want to find a job that does not hold great meanings to you only, but also to impoverished children and communities all over Vietnam? You have passion for development work and believe in the power of voluntarism and solidarity? You are always welcome at AFV!

Apply for a great career opportunity at AFV now.

Job announcements for open positions are posted on Vietnamworks’ website (, NGO Resource Centre’s website ( and AFV’s website (