300.000 đ
per month


Small Brick is the name of the Child Sponsorship program under AFV’s long-term strategy. The program aims to eradicate poverty in Vietnam. With your monthly donation, we set up supporting programs to ensure the fulfillment of basic rights of people where AFV work.

Therefore, you are making a significant contribution to a better and justice society. AFV hopes that the positive changes in the children and the community’s lives would give you a sense of satisfaction, pride and confidence on our works.

For more information on AFV’s Child Protection Policy, FAQs and Sponsors Corner, please CLICK HERE!


Each donor can sponsor one or more children in the poor community. The value of the donation is 300,000 VND/month/child. Donors can choose to contribute for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

The money you transfer to the Child Sponsor program will be used to develop interventions at the community where the child is living. AFV will be the bridge to keep in regular contact between you and your child.

You will receive a thank you letter with pictures from your sponsor. In addition, AFV’s periodic reports and community newsletters will keep you updated about the progress and results of your sponsored programs.



Nutritious meals for the child, with seeds and livestock to improve livelihoods and nutrition for the child’s family.


Books, learning materials, new facilities for the child’s school as well as soft skills and awareness courses for the child.

Clean water

Digging wells, cleaning water sources, providing water purifiers using solar energy, sanitation facilities for the child and the community.


Providing the child and the community with medical equipment as well as comprehensive health care education programs.


The results are only achievable through the generosity of people like you. In return for your trust, AFV is committed to using resources with the highest sense of responsibility for project implemented in the community. Below is the breakdown of your donation:

  • 74% for programmes in the community where the child lives
  • 15% for management costs for Child Sponsorship Program and other projects to combat poverty
  • 11% for resource mobilization expenses (e.g., recruitment of new donors)

Transparency: From the periodic report, you can check out in details how the funds will be used each year.


AFV believes that a child’s life will only improve when the living conditions of his/her family as well as of the whole community are enhanced.

AFV will act as a companion, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to help them change their lives on their own. We encourage participation from children and families in the decision-making process on how to the funds should be used. As a result, the funds will be invested into most difficult and needy areas in a practical and effective way. 


On behalf of AFV, we welcome you to participate in this special program. Your supports are greatly appreciated. Let’s join hands with AFV to light up the future!

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