TOGETHER, WE SHALL COME BACK STRONGER! Take action for Central Vietnam!
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BECOME A CHILD SPONSOR TODAY Child Sponsorship is a programme under the long-term strategy of AFV aiming to eradicate poverty in Vietnam. ACT ON JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT Our works aim to transform ourselves, the society, the community, the culture and to free people from poverty and injustice. SMALL BRICKS, BIG CHANGES Our programme aims to improve learning quality for children in rural areas and less fortunate children. HELPING PEOPLE CHANGING LIVES Participating in Child Sponsorship Programme is an opportunity for any individual who cares for less fortunate people to take action through creating the connection with a child in the community. CHANGE LIVES FOR GOOD Each donation even small is a small brick, contributing to big changes in the local community, schools, especially children’s future.

Together, we shall come back stronger – Take action for Central Vietnam