Fundraising For Us

If you want to fundraise but you’re stuck for ideas then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our top fundraising ideas to help support women and children living in poverty, With the following fundraising ideas, you will see how small acts of kindness can collectively create a huge impact. Changes start from you and it can start NOW!

Where to start

  1. MAKE A PLAN! Planning is key to a successful and happy fundraising activity
  2. Decide how you’re going to raise funds. Choose something you enjoy and that will be popular with others.
  3. Tell the world what you’re doing. Use social media, media, leaflets and posters.
  4. Afterwards, thank everyone who helped with the fundraising and donated or showed their support!
  5. Send you donation to AFV. Please call 19006677/19006683 for more details.

The AFV fundraising team are here to help!

Call us on 19006677/19006683 or email; we would love to help!

Sports Events

You are the person who loves sports? Let’s utilize your strength to raise fund for AFV! Let’s gather people who have the same hobby and interest in voluntary work as you do and join the races. This might be a mini Olympic or a family Sport Competition with bicycles racing, running or swimming… These sports events will bring memorable experiences for your children while improving their health and soft skills.

Celebrate with AFV

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Celebrate your birthday, wedding or other special occasion with AFV, by asking for donations in place of gifts.Your happiness is doubled when you can do what you like and also help many other people. Fundraising for underprivileged children and people in your happy day, why not?


A great meal in a luxury restaurant or a trip abroad in your special day as usual? This year, why don’t you try to be a Master Chef and cook great food for your beloved family? You can save a lot of money for future projects or raise fund for AFV’s disadvantaged community so that your happiness can be multiplied many times.


Have you ever thought about organizing a group birthday party? Let’s organize dashing performances and interesting games in this exciting party. How about the fees? You can save a lot. And it is also a great chance to raise fund for AFV.

Talent show

You can do magnificent magic tricks and your friend has gracefully, charming Rumba steps? Don’t waste your talent. Why don’t you organize a talent show for everybody to shine, show their talents and raise fund for AFV? Don’t just sell tickets but also snacks such as ice cream, drinks, popcorn…to raise fund. It will definitely be a night to remember.


Are you sure that you really understand your close colleagues who work with you every day? Let’s organize a variety show and ask them to contribute a performance, you might be surprised by the romantic guitar sound of the silent guy sitting next to you or a hilarious drama of another department.

Don’t forget to sell ticket and double the price for someone who doesn’t have any performance.


The cooking contests which are becoming hot trend in TV recently might yield to your creation. Together with your friends or your colleagues, let’s organize a mini cooking contest in your backyard or at an outdoor camping area.

Don’t forget to set some weird rules such as cooking with one hand only or cooking with binding eyes to make the contest humorous. Each ticket is a contribution to impoverished children in the project areas of AFV.

Talented chefs

Are you ready to go to the kitchen or work with the sewing machine to raise fund for AFV? The cute sweets, the yummy cupcakes, the delicious dishes from different cultures or lovely handmade crafts will attract many customers that adore your talent. The money that customers pay you will be donated to AFV to support faraway mountainous villages or disadvantaged communities. The values of these crafts will be multiplied many times.


Hot crunchy bread, creamy chocolate cake, cool strawberry ice cream and fresh coconut jelly, sweet caramel, spicy dried beef… Wow! Show your wonderful cuisine ability and make your customers swoon over your meals! You also can make breakfast for your colleagues to strengthen your relationships and raise fund for AFV right at your workplace.


Tote bags, lips balm from cocoa, natural moisturizer or solid perfume – show people your handmade crafts made from your skillful hand and warm heart. You can sell these stuffs in a handmade fair, or for your friends to raise fund for underprivileged people. Isn’t it great?


A fascinating event! You can gather your lovely accessories or clothes from last year’s trend and open an auction to raise fund for disadvantaged women whom AFV are working with. The eventful atmosphere when people pay for your vintage items will make Sotheby jealous with you. Moreover you can also raise a great amount of fund for AFV.


You have tons of stuff that you don’t use anymore (clothes, toys, kitchenware…) Don’t throw them away! Let’s organize a yard sale at your office. Maybe, your old items can be the right things that your friends are looking for. The money you earn can be contributed to help children of ethnic minority buy studying materials for school or a new coat when winter comes.


Dear lovely bookworms, let’s promote reading culture to your friends and your colleagues, and help AFV raise fund for the program “Small Bricks, Big Changes”. Choose a nice weekend day and organize an auction for the most interesting books that you have, or books that you have two copies.

Your hard-earned money from this auction will be used to improve studying conditions of poor children. We have various types of beautiful bookmarks for you to choose and sell in your own event. This would be such a brilliant event!