Journalist Ta Viet Anh – Board Chair of AFV

Journalist Ta Viet Anh is one of the experienced reporters of Hanoi. He has been in the journalism for over 30 years from 1982 to present, holding different crucial positions at Children & Youth Board of Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, at The Vietnam National Radio – Voice of Vietnam (VOV).

Journalist Ta Viet Anh had served as the Deputy-Editor-in-Chief of Hanoi Moi newspaper, the largest media institution of Hanoi Capital. He then spent many years working as the Editor-in-Chief of the Hanoi Economy & Urban Newspaper, a young and highly reputable newspaper in Hanoi.

Devoting his full career for journalism and communication, he had a lot of articles reflect many aspects of social life, honoring the example of economic development, new economic models, poverty ending policies and programs. Mr. Viet Anh has been also known for his great efforts to run the newspapers that he had been entrusted to lead, which were gradually stabilized and well developed.

The social charity activities had always been in the centre of Journalist Ta Viet Anh concerns. The newspapers run by him have had long traditions and a clear focus on charity. Sponsoring Vietnam Heroic Mothers, the uncared elderly, poor children with disabilities, war invalids and martyrs families have been regular activities of the newspapers under his management for a long times.
In addition, Mr. Ta Viet Anh has been repeatedly elected as Member of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Journalists Association, and Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Journalists Association for long time.
Joining the Foundation as the Founding Member, his valuable experience will greatly support the Foundation operation in communication and media, fundraising and especially in poverty ending projects, one of the five strategic priorities of the Foundation.

Ms. Tran Bich Hanh- Member of Management Board

Mrs. Tran Bich Hanh’s main expertise is accounting and financial management, appraisal, estimation and settlement of investments. She began her accounting career since 1992 and went through many different job positions such as chief accountant of a tourism center, secretary to the General Director etc. She has 4 years of experience as an financial assistant to the General Director of Westlake Co. before being appointed as Deputy Head of Accounting and Finance of the Corporation in 2003.

In 2003, entrusted by the leaders of the company, she began to monitor the activities of VIMAS joint venture, currently known as Berjaya – Westlake. In 2010, she was appointed as a Member of the Board of the Joint Venture.
She has also been appointed as Chief Accountant & Head of Finance and Accounting of Westlake Co., taking the responsibility for accounting and financial statements, as well as advising the company leaders in the field of financial management and assessing economics efficiency of investment projects, ensuring effective use of business resources.

In October 2014, she was appointed as Deputy General Director of the West Lake Co. by leaders of the Office of the Party Central Committee and also held the CEO position of Berjaya Westlake Joint Venture Company (owner of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel). Mrs. Hanh is also a member Councilor of Venture Berjaya – Westlake.

Mr. Bui Ba Binh- Vice Chair of AFV

Mr. Bui Ba Binh, a native of the South, was born and grown up in the North, educated in Vietnam and the former Soviet Union, has a command of English, Russian and French.

Abroad he served in international democratic organizations as Aide to Vietnam’s representative in the World Marxist Review in former Czechoslovakia, and as Vietnam’s representative in the World Federation of Democratic Youth in Hungary and the International Organizing Committee of Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum.

In Hanoi Mr. Binh worked in the Commission for External Relations of the CPV CC (one among those participated in handling the relations with the former CPSU during perestroika); later took up international youth work (mobilizing, implementing projects of job generation, capacity building for young people in the North and the Center), was a member of exchange programs of young political leaders between Vietnam and Japan, Australia and USA. For nearly ten years Mr. Binh was in charge of following up and coordinating the activities by some US NGOs and German political foundations in the country.

In Ho Chi Minh City Mr. Binh has been working since 2008 until recently with a number of foreign NGOs and Vietnamese partners in areas such as poverty reduction, capacity building …

With more than 20 years of working experience in national level people’s organizations (the Youth Union and the Union of Friendship Organizations of Vietnam), Mr. Binh wishes to continue social work with the Foundation in the years to come, particularly in the South.

Professor, Academician, Dr. Tran Dinh Long- Member of Management Board

Academician Dr. Professor Tran Dinh Long is the most senior agriculturalist of Vietnam. Graduated in Biology in the 60s of the last century from the former Soviet Union, he was granted a PhD in Agronomy in 1979. In 1983 he was awarded a Doctor of Science in Biology. Dr. Prof. Long was appointed as the First Vietnamese Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of all Russian Federation in 1993, appointed as a Professor of Agriculture in 2002 by Vietnam government.

As a leading scientist of Agriculture in Vietnam, with nearly 30 years of working at the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Prof. Long has professional knowledge and rich experience on the seeds, plants technologies and science, and solutions for sustainable livelihoods and agricultural development policies.
He has trained 35 PhDs, 12 MSs of Agriculture and published 17 books and 125 research articles in Vietnam and abroad. He has been Professor in Hanoi Agricultural University, Second Agricultural University and currently Inviting Professor at the post-graduate faculty of the Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

Prof. Tran Dinh Long is currently a member of Vietnam Fatherland Front, Chairman of the Vietnam Seed Association, a member of Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation and Vice Chairman of the Vietnam – Russia Friendship Association.

Joining the Foundation as the Founding Member, Academician Tran Dinh Long wishes to bring his knowledge and experience on Agriculture to advise and support the Foundation’s programs and projects in sustainable agricultural development to end poverty, as the top priority program of the Foundation.

Mr. Vu Chien Thang – Member of Management Board

Mr. Vu Chien Thang participated in the Vietnam Police Force and is currently member of Vietnam Lawyers Association. Mr. Thang has worked for state agencies of Vietnam for many years hence has strong relationships with the different state bodies. Mr. Thang has been awarded many prestigious medals from the Government of Vietnam.