Child Protection Policies

Child Sponsorship is a programme under the long-term strategy of AFV aiming to eradicate poverty in Vietnam. With your monthly donation, we set up supporting programme to ensure the fulfillment of basic rights of each member of a community where AFV works.

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Upon your sponsorship, each year, you will receive the following regular reports from AFV:

– 1 Community Newsletter: informing about the projects we are doing in partnership with the child’s community.

– 1 Progress Report: with the overall results and financial information.


Sponsored children are growing up every day and there are many interesting things to share, so we committed to send to supporters:

Child’s photo (update every two years)

– Messages of the child you sponsor: You will receive 2 messages from the child per year. The child will write the message to you. If the child cannot write, the child will make a drawing and someone in the community will write a text on behalf of the child.


Join us to visit the sponsored children and community!

You want to experience?

One of the most wonderful thing you can do with AFV is going to visit sponsored child and the community where the child lives. Visiting the community is a great way for you to know the reality of the life of the child and, above all, to understand how your contribution is used and the benefits it brings about. Therefore every year AFV organizes visits for Sponsors to visit beneficiary communities. It’s an event! Our Sponsors, children, their families and the partner organisation staff would be very happy to get to know you and exchange experiences. Normally it takes about 2 months for the necessary procedures, such as programming and arranging for children and their families. If you want to visit child and the community, please contact us immediately for the best arrangement of your visit.