General Information


Thank you for taking part in Aid for social protection program Foundation Vietnam (AFV) Child Sponsorship Programme!

Child Sponsorship is a program under the long-term strategy of AFV aiming to eradicate poverty in Vietnam. With your monthly donation, we set up supporting programme to ensure the fulfillment of basic rights of each member of a community where AFV works. So, you are devoting to make a better and justice society. We hope that the positive changes in the children and the community’s lives would give you a sense of satisfaction, pride and confidence on our works.

In order to better understand how this happens in practice, carefully read the following items. They describe the procedures for visits, exchange of correspondence, checks and balances, and other information or questions you may have relating to our partnership.

We count on you and you can count on us!

One behalf of AFV, welcome you participate in this meaningful programme. We appreciate your support! Now you’re part of a really unique system of transforming lives!


Because the results in the life of the sponsored child and people in his/her community will be more significant and longer lasting!

AFV believe that a child will only be good iff his/her family is good, and if the conditions of life in his/her community allow them to grow healthy and have access to good nutrition, quality education, health care, recreational opportunities, play sports and have various other rights that every child needs to raise their self-esteem and form them as a citizen of society. The monthly donations from people like you are turned into benefits for the whole community, not just for the sponsored child.

The families of sponsored children actively participate in the awareness of projects to overcome poverty in the region where they live! They are motivated to reflect on the causes and solutions of the problems that keep them in poverty.

Together, we develop a plan of action and encouragement to organize and lead the work of changing their situation. Litte by litte, development of skills and capabilities helps them to transform their lives and aid in the development of their community.

Families also participate in the decision -making process on how the funds should be used, which ensures transparency and accountability for resource management. 


The results are only achieved through the generosity of people like you. Therefore, we have commitments to use resources responsibly, by allocating the majority of your monthly contribution to programmes in the communities. Below is a breakdown of your donation:

74% for programmes in the community where the child lives ( sponsored children in Vietnam)

15% for support cost including management cost of the sposorship programme, administrative costs and other projects to combat poverty.

11% for resource mobilisation expenses ( E.g. recruitment of more sponsors).

Transparency: From periodic reports, you can check out in details how the funds will be used each year.


Each donor can sponsor one or more children in the poor community. For just 300,000 Vietnam dong / month / child, you can change a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with AFV. Donors can choose to contribute in term of 6 months or 1 year.

Your donations to Child Sponsorship Programme will be used to support the poverty reducing and sustainable development programmes in the communities where children live. AFV will act as bridges connect the special relationship between you and your sponsored child.

You’ll get two handwritten messages a year from your child telling you about themself and their life – they might be letters, drawings, or postcards – plus detailed updates about how they’re getting on and the significant achievement of the poor communities.

Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference your support can make!

For more details information, please contact AFV via:

18006677 | 18006683