It is natural for a mother, a father, or even the children themselves wanting to appear in the best possible way in photos. Therefore, children wear their best clothes, or even borrow new clothes when they know they will be photographed. Little girls, who mostly want to be pretty princesses, get their hair done, wear accessories and pose in front of the camera with their best smile. So many photos do not show the actual conditions in which they live in, or their needs. As well as working to improve the self-esteem of families and children, we make them feel free to appear in the photo the way they see fit

You have a great influence on people around you: family, friends, coworkers and others in your social environment. By talking about your decision to sponsor a child through AFV and the satisfaction you get from it, you will already be encouraging more of them to at least think about it.

But you can do even more! You can also show them how to sponsor a child. Provide our website so they can sign up for the programme or send us an email at with email addresses of referrals so that we can send them our message about sponsorship. They will thank you, believe me.

Another very effective way to support our work is through extra donation. Whenever you can, call Hotline 18006677/18006683 and make your donation. So, you further support our work and help us fight poverty and injustice in Vietnam.

Yes, you can (and should!). Write messages to your sponsored child. The child will have great joy receiving letters, postcards, Christmas cards and photos of people who are contributing to change the child life for the better.

Send your correspondence to the headquarters of AFV at the address which is stated in the child history card contained in this kit. Do not forget to enter the child’s reference number. We will deliver your messages directly to the child. The supply of posts is made at predetermined periods, coinciding with the period of collection of messages from children to Sponsors. During this time, you may receive a short letter with no mention of the child or reply to the last message you sent. If this occurs, it is because the child wrote before receiving your letter. But the correspondence will be answered in the following update of the child.

Raising self-esteem of the child is another way to collaborate! It is very important that your messages are encouraging and have a positive tone. In addition to financial support, you can contribute to the child’s development, reminding the child that the child should work towards building a decent life.

With our experience we have learned over time that some procedures help to preserve the link between Sponsors and children, protecting both sides:

  • Avoid sending photos in bathing suits or lavish showings, contrasting life with the reality of the child.
  • Avoid making comments about religion or politics. People may have a different orientation and it might cause discomfort. Our organization is secular, with no political affiliations. This ensures exemption to work with everyone, irrespective of ethnicity, gender, generation, religious belief or political affiliation.

Each contribution is very important for the sponsored child and the child’s whole family. If you decide to stop contributing, please let us know immediately so that we can urgently seek another Sponsor to sponsor this child. This is to ensure that support for the sponsored child is not broken.

AFV will always allocate funds to communities in most need, i.e. more affected by poverty and with less access to other sources of funds.

In each selected community, children and families participate in the projects. Whenever possible, we will seek to further clarify your doubts on this matter and respond to specific requests.